«We work closely with banking platforms, using both is better than simply one»


Interview Pavel Matveev – Founder Wirex


Pavel Matveev is one of the three founders of Wirex. Degree in computer science from the Technical University Vologda State. Blockchain technology entrepreneur with substantial business and financial expertise. He has more than ten years experience in investment banking. He has worked on high level IT projects with Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Credit Suisse and others.



What is Wirex?

Wirex is a hybrid personal banking platform which combines both digital and traditional money in one platform. We offer financial services globally, including cheap and instant international money transfer, mobile banking, and give users the ability to use bitcoin anywhere with virtual and plastic debit cards. We also support the ability to buy bitcoin across the world including with PayPal, bank transfers, and many other alternative payment methods.

Since the idea arises, how long it takes to develop Wirex? How has it evolved?

In the beginning, my co-founders and I developed E-Coin, a startup offering bitcoin debit card services. We created E-Coin from conception to working platform in about 4 months and started offering E-Coin cards in January 2015. Since then, we have expanded our services and decided to rebrand E-Coin to Wirex in February 2016.



What is the first message you’d let someone who wants to use Wirex?

Welcome! Both digital and traditional currencies have their own advantages and our platform allows you to use both easily! Try it out our user-friendly platform and see for yourself..

Do you think a reloadable debit card with Bitcoin is the solution to traditional banking problems?

We think that a reloadable debit card with bitcoin can help to make bitcoin spending within the traditional financial infrastructure easier. We work closely with traditional banking platforms and believe that using both is better than just using one.



About Banks, Do you think they are in decline? Or rather, they adapt to new models?

Based on our experience, some banks are adapting to newer changes in financial technology, but at a slower pace. We don’t think they are on the decline, but rather being cautious on the current lack of regulations. Fintech is still very new and the industry is just beginning to shape itself and cater to customer needs and demands.

How do you see the future of Bitcoin?

We believe the future of Bitcoin looks bright. It is experiencing more prolonged periods of stability which makes it attractive to use as currency. Many people embrace the functionality of Bitcoin – it’s digital, fast to transfer, easy to access, free and available digital security is available to protect it, and more – all in all, a very convenient type of money to have. We just make bitcoin more practical to use with Wirex.

Finally, could you explain what is Bitcoin? from your personal point of view

Bitcoin is the natural evolution of the internet, a currency made by and for the internet user. I say this because the internet is already a big part of our life, and having a money system that is created with internet ‘qualities’ – accessible anywhere, not belonging to any one country – is embraced because it feels natural to internet users.



Also you can read the interview in spanish version:

“Trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con plataformas bancarias, el uso de ambos es mejor que simplemente uno”


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