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There is a wide array of terms and phrases which are used in the slot community, knowing these terms helps to separate the newer players from the more experienced. Though it may seem as if there is a whole other language to learn if you are a newer player, slot terms are simple to understand and easy to remember. There are many reasons why newer players should try and learn the key terms of online slots at

Why Learn Key Terms

Believe it or not, some players don’t think that learning key terms is necessary to playing online slots. Despite this, it cannot be denied that a little more understanding and knowledge can go a long way in your own enjoyment and understanding of the game. There are several reasons why you should learn key terms.

  • Learning key terms is important whenever you are trying to grasp something new, slot key terms will help you get a better understanding of the game.
  • Being familiar with key terms can help you to socialise with other players
  • Increased knowledge can help to give you greater confidence when playing the game.


The payline refers to the line of symbols that a slot machine displays, this line will payout a prize


This refers to the vertical columns of a slot machine, they contain symbols.

Return to Player (RTP)

This is a percentage that indicates to players how much return from a slot they can expect to see over a period of time. Usually sits around 95% but it is known to vary from as low as 92% all the way to 99%.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Inner slot programming which helps to ensure that the slot remains completely random. It is what decides how the reels are spun. Without it, slots would not be able to function fairly and properly.

Cascading Reels

Symbols which fall from the top of the screen which replace the winning combinations featured throughout the reels.

Free to Play

If you see a slot that is described this way this means that the slot does not cost anything to play. This can have significant advantages for players as these slots are the exact same as regular slots.

  • It allows them to practise on a slot that they may be unfamiliar with, without the worry of losing money while they get accustomed to the reels.
  • It is a great opportunity to try out new strategies that players have learned and it allows them to hone existing ones.

Of course the main disadvantage that comes from using a free to play slot is that you won’t be able to win any money from it, no matter how well you performed.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that slowly increases in size the longer it takes for it to be won.

Final Thoughts

Though there may seem like a limitless amount of key terms associated with online slots, learning them can really have a positive impact on your slot playing experience. Not only will they help you to understand key features but they will also help to ingratiate you into the community.

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