«Probably the next coin will be added on our website Dash (old Darkcoin)»

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Interview Crypto Games – Game for playing with cryptocurrencies.

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By Óscar Domínguez


What is Crypto Games?

Crypto Games is a website offering games for playing with various cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others. Currently we offer Slot machine and Dice game. Both games are provably fair and with low house edge – 0.8% at Dice and 1.2 at Slot game.

Who is Crypto Games?

We’re group of cryptocurrencies fans, who work in IT industry (Programmers and System engineers). We came along with bitcoin in 2011 and found it very interested. This leads to the establishment of Crypto-Games.net

When will born crypto games and how has it evolved?

We launched on May 2014 with our first website DogecoinMachine.net. It was a slot machine game exclusively for Dogecoins. In August 2014 we decided to offer other, more popular cryptucurrencies, so we opened Crypto-Games.net.

What is the first message Why’d you leave for someone who wants to try on the platform of Crypto Games?

Visit https://www.crypto-games.net and enjoy the simplicity of our games. Playing is availible right after you click on our link. No downloading, no registering, just playing. We have one of the lowest house edge with amazing betting speed. Try it out, you won’t regret it.

What state is bitcoin and other criptomonedas in relation to gambling?

Bitcoin gambling is more and more popular and the players like the idea of provably fair system. This is the technology which offers players to check if their bet was fair. Regulation of bitcoin gambling really depends of country where a player lives. In most countries it’s not yet defined if it’s allowed or forbidden

You have implemented some system to prevent gambling addiction?

Yes, we can simply block an user and even users IP address, so he/she can’t access our website. But user must request this kind of block himself.

What do you think about the future of Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies will be accepted worldwide. But a lot of work has to be done. Bitcoin must become an trustfull currency and not related to hacking, steals and illegal activities.


Could explain to our followers in Spain What is Bitcoin, from a personal perspective

Bitcoin is a currency for buying/selling services and even things. You can send payment to other person in other side of the world, in couple of minutes with almost no fees. It’s a great payment system, since it’s not regulated with corrupt government.

Two questions from territorio bitcoin users:

What selection criteria used to add new currencies?

we disguss with every developer individually about terms, so it’s not strictly what they should do. If coin owners/developers are interested in adding their coin on our website, they can shoot us an email.

What currency will be the next? 

Next coin added on our website will be most probably Dash (old Darkcoin)

crypto games gambling network

You can see the proof of use  that we made (Spanish):  Jugamos Dice Slot (Dados Tragaperras) en Crypto Games

Also you can see the interview in Spanish: «Probablemente la próxima moneda que añadiremos en nuestra web sea Dash (antes Darkcoin)

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