“The cryptocurrency market will continue to be refined through new real-world uses and new technologies”


Interview Covertress – Founder and Project Manager of Krypton, $KR


Covertress, computer programmer. She has worked for many types of industry, such as engineering, entertainment, travel or finance to name just a few. Since she discovered Bitcoin some years ago, it quickly familiarized with the vast world of altcoins. Starting with DOGE, being fun and accessible. Now that world has expanded the altcoins other programmable real-world use coins like Ethereum.


You’re familiar with the phrase, «Jack of all trades?» Well, I’m a «Jacqueline of all trades.»


What is Krypton? What is the purpose of this coin?

Krypton is my vision for an ultra-fast blockchain that can accommodate all of the features of Ethereum with faster speed (15 second block time) and lower inflation (creating 1 coin per minute.)

Ethereum and Krypton can do the same thing and serve the same purpose.

However, with the Ethereum code base being refined, and being updated to safely deploy DAO’s, DAC’s, and DAPP’s, there will be an explosion of practical use cases, especially in the Internet of Things field. Companies will be actively seeking developers experiencedand capable of deployment of such new technologies.

What every Ether coin has is developers. What Krypton has is me. I will be actively seeking companies interested in this new technology at Bitcoin conferences, like I did at Consensus 2016. I will be creating a link between developers and companies that seek them.

Krypton will be presented as an alternative platform to run these DAO’s, DAC’s and DAPP’s. Some developers are already on-board and volunteering time to help. There will be more available as I am successful in getting work for them.

I am creating a network for the future, one that pays developers for work done and that links companies looking for actual work, not just hype.

Krypton does not have millions of dollars in funding and does not have millions of coins sitting in dev funds to be spent based on time passed. What Krypton has is my belief that I can create the missing link between supply and demand, between companies looking for blockchain and smart contract technology and developers looking for work in this very promising field.



On what is the Krypton currency based?

Krypton is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency built to handle smart contracts. It can also handle Daaps, DAOs, DACs, as Ethereum does however, I’m most interested in promoting Krypton as a platform for smart contracts for business uses and for the Internet of Things (IoT).
What message would you leave about Krypton for people who read this interview?

In addition to real-world business needs for smart contracts, the Internet of Things is projected to be a $70 trillion industry. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020. This is a huge pie. There’s plenty for every coin in this market to have a slice.

How do you see the future of cryptocurrencies and the future of Krypton?

The cryptocurrency market will continue to be refined through new real-world uses and new technologies. No one could have predicted Ethereum’s creation and rise in 2010, just as we cannot predict where crypto will be in 2020. However, we now have tools to produce the distributed systems and organizations that I think we will see much more of.

With my varied industry background to guide me in business negotiations, Krypton is well placed to become a player in this distributed marketplace.

Finally, could you explain what is Bitcoin? from your point of view

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that created a peer-to-peer system of exchange that was proven trustworthy by a blockchain.

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“El mercado de las criptomonedas seguirá perfeccionándose a través de nuevos usos del mundo real y las nuevas tecnologías”


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