which casino games have the best odds


You know what they all say – the casino always wins! This famous phrase refers to the house edge and how the casino will always have a significant advantage over its players so will always come out on top, even if some players do win. Players who understand the house edge know that there is no way to escape that there will always be this advantage, no matter how lucky you are or what strategy you employ to your gameplay. If this wasn’t the case, no doubt there would be no casinos at all, as they are a business just like any other and in order for a business to grow and thrive, it must make money, and the casinos make a pretty profit from their players.

So, before you start playing casino games, let’s take a close look into the house edge and take a quick look at which games have the best odds so you have the best chance of making some cash – play Slotzo!

What exactly is a house edge?

The house edge is defined as being the profit that the casino makes, calculated as a particular percentage of player’s bets. When taking into consideration the long game, overall players have a disadvantage over the casinos because the payout odds differ to the true offs of the game. As well as this, in the majority of casinos games, the number of successful outcomes for players is less than losing one’s so statistically, in the long run, you have a greater chance of losing a game than winning it, despite your skill or luck! Therefore, if you play without taking notice of the odds of the game, your odds will be lower and your wins fewer and further apart.

Which games to play for the best odds?

So first of all, if the odds are stacked against you and the casino is the real winner, how is it you actually win? It’s really quite simple actually, be tactful about it and don’t just play on the first game that looks cool and shiny, play on games that have the lowest house edge, and practice playing them. Many online games will allow you to play games in free mode, so you can practice until you feel comfortable with the games rules, control and how to win. The games that you are most likely to win are games that you can have some form of control over by skill, experience and employing strategy. Therefore, games like bingo for example, which require no skill or strategy rely completely on your own luck and chance and therefore although it’s a fun and enjoyable game, no matter how many games of bingo you play, your odds of winning will remain the same as when you first started playing, as really it’s only if lady luck is on your side that you will be a winner in this game of chance. So, let’s take a look at some of the top 10 games that have the best winning odds in the casino:


Roulette is a brilliant game that has been enjoyed by players for hundreds of years and continues to soar in popularity, often finding itself at the centre of land based casinos. You can now play Roulette online casinos too which has ensured it has remained popular as online casinos games have grown. Players who know a thing or two about roulette will know that there are two versions – American roulette and European roulette. Experienced roulette players will also know that European roulette is a better odds than its American cousin. The casino has a 2.7% advantage which may not seem a lot, but it can make a huge difference. The game is played with a wheel with 37 pockets, 18 red and 18 black with a single zero pocket.


Another player favourite which has a low house edge is Pontoon, which has a casino advantage of anything between 0.34% and 0.62% if you employ an advanced strategy. To do this, you’re going to really have to know your game and practice your strategy and gaming techniques! Pontoon is a brilliant game which has been keeping players perched on the edge of their seats in anticipation for centuries and continues to be popular both online and in land based casinos. Pontoon is very similar to the game 21 and also has similar playing rules and advantages of other much loved card games like Blackjack. The aim of the game is similar to that of Blackjack as players will need to beat the dealers hand by getting as close as they can to 21 with their hand of cards, without going over 21 of course! There are some differences between Pontoon and Blackjack however, including that the dealers cards are dealt face down and a player must ‘Hit’ on 14 or less. Pontoon pays 2:1 so it does have its advantages over Blackjack, however many players struggle to follow Pontoons rules and as such prefer to play Blackjack, despite it having a higher house edge. But each to their own!


Now onto Blackjack, which as mentioned many players prefer over Pontoon for its easily digested games rules, as well as its casino edge of around 0.72% if you employ the correct skill and strategy. Blackjack is known as a game of skill rather than a game of chance and as such as become very popular with players. With the correct strategy, you could easily turn the tables in your favour and if you play the long game and be consistent with your strategy, you could end up with more wins than losses and come up smelling of roses!

In conclusion, there are two basic factors that you need to understand and take into consideration to understand the house edge. Firstly, you need to know the statistical probability of each possible outcome of games you are playing and secondly you’ll need to know to what extent the rules of the game allow you to take advantage of the statistical probabilities using your own skills and strategies to influence the possible outcomes. Know the rules of the game, building up your skill and more than anything, have fun!

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