Digix’s collaboration is a big step forward, and for the entrepreneurship Blockchain


Interview Kersten Schütze – Head of Corporate Strategy at ETHLend

By Victoria Guisado.

We are sure that this interview with Kersten Schütze, Director of Corporate Strategy at ETHLend, will be interesting for you, given his excellent career in the world of finance and the big step that he is giving to democratize the credits around the planet.

He projects all his youth with enthusiasm, in occupations and positions in which he demonstrates a formidable learning and fluency. The School of Finance and Management of Frankfurt is his zenith and stands out for his volunteer work where he participates as a speaker on issues related to fundamental needs, such as the environment and disarmament.
Kindly he tells us some outstanding issues about their current claims and successes within the particular environment of loans to achieve that they expand globally and in better conditions thanks to Blockchain technology.

• ETHLend aims to bring democracy to the credits, how do you plan to do it?
ETHLend allows a perfect competition on the lending market, something that we only see on a national scale in our society.

We connect lenders and borrowers from all around the world, which creates fair interest rates and brings back democracy to an industry that is dominated by centralized institutions like large banks and governments.

We open up the market for everyone who wishes to participate.

• In relation to the ICO’s ETHLend, what can you tell us about it?
We have just completed our pre-ICO and its fair to say it was a huge success for us and also a giant step forward. We received 600.000 USD worth of ETH from our early investors. All of that without any marketing spending, we grew our community and the whole team was working very hard. Now we are moving towards the Official ICO which starts on the 25th of November. Its a very exciting time for us.

• How are you going to use the collected ETH?
We will use the majority of the 600.000 USD to further develop our application and aim to deliver new functions and a better Dapp (decentralized Application) even before the Official ICO and recruit new developers and talents. We are also using a large part for marketing and making us known. Being an internationally working company on Blockchain makes it even more important to let people all around the world know about you. We receive great feedback from people all around the globe, for example: India, Japan, USA, Germany and even from smaller developing countries like Tanzania.

• It was announced your collaboration with Digix, what means this Alliance?
The collaboration with Digix is a big step forward, not only for us but also for the blockchain startup scene. As blockchain startups we are all part of a quickly expanding revolution that is up against large and established players. By collaborating we can offer a new variety of services and bring more people closer to understand the incredible advantages of blockchain technology. We will advance our application and offer people to use the amazing DGX token as a stable collateral option. I think its an amazing idea to bring real world assets into the digital world.

• In our Global Economic System, do you think that Blockchain may help to change it?
Definitely. Currently there is no bigger opportunity for the economic system around than blockchain. The beauty of it is that everyone can participate. If you want proof of how blockchain can change economies look how crypto currencies are helping in Venezuela or in African countries where the banking system is failing. Also there is great possibilities for advancements in finance and health care as well as housing. I wish to see a more transparent system that involves all players, blockchain is paving that way.

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