Celebrate Black Friday Every Month with DS Plus


Celebrate Black Friday Every Month with DS Plus


Everybody loves a chance to get a good deal. It is therefore no wonder that Black Friday has become, in just a few short years, a worldwide consumer phenomenon.

The “Black Friday” holiday started out as a simple marketing scheme in the United States. Traditionally, it takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, in November. This year, however, thanks to DS Plus, Black Friday is coming early. The DS Plus Black Friday event will take place next week, on Friday, October 27, 2017




If you are someone who likes Black Friday sales, then you are likely someone who will love the DS Plus mobile app. DS Plus is a mobile marketing app that specializes in bringing the best deals possible to everyday people, everywhere. To this end, the app will be holding a Black Friday sale not only in October, and not only in November, but on the last Friday of every month!


October 27th is your chance to try out PlusCoin (PLC) – the people’s cryptocurrency – the first crypto token that allows people to pay for goods and services that they actually want and need.


Here are some announcements from the DS Plus team:


1. The first test release of the DS Plus Marketplace was a success


One of the key features of the DS Plus platform will be the Marketplace – an online store where DS Plus partner enterprises can market their products.

Companies that offer up their products on the marketplace will be able to offer discounts to customers in the form of crypto cashback. Upon purchase, customers will receive an instant PlusCoin rebate, that they can use to make more purchases on the platform. This is a form of loyalty promotion – customers are very likely to return to businesses that offer crypto cashback.

From the 5th to the 6th of October, the DS Plus team initiated a test launch of the marketplace – and it was a definite success. All PlusCoin token holders had the chance to acquire laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets at discounts of more than 20% off the purchase price.

The launch started right on time at 12:00 am UTC on the 5th. It was planned that the sale would occur over the course of 24 hours, but the entire marketplace stock, valued at $20,000, sold out in only nine hours!



2. Friday October 27th – Participate in the DS Plus “Black Friday” Sale

Your next chance to access the DS Plus marketplace will be during the October “Black Friday” sale.

The sale will be launched at midnight on October 26th, and lasts until midnight, October 27th.



Like during the sale earlier this month, PlusCoin token holders will be able to purchases some awesome products at great prices, including:

Smartphones: Apple iPhone 8 plus 64gb, Samsung Galaxy S8

Notebooks: Apple MacBook Pro 15.4”, Apple MacBook Pro 15”

Gadgets: Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band, Sony SMARTBAND 2 fitness tracker, Rechargeable toothbrush

If you are a PLC Token holder, you can access the MarketPlace by downloading the DS Plus app (available on iOS and Android) and logging in with the same username and password that you use to access the PlusCoin token holder dashboard.

When it’s time for the sale, just long in and shop! Your PlusCoin will be ready for you to use!

Remember – DS Plus’ “Black Friday” sale will take place on the last Friday of EVERY month until the full launch of the Marketplace.


3.DS Plus and PlusCoin welcome new partners

Industry leaders agree: The DS Plus mobile marketing platform is good for business. Each of the platform’s key features increases revenues for partner enterprises, and the integration of blockchain tech and the PlusCoin cryptocurrency makes everything more effective.

Just in the last few weeks, 70 new companies, coming from all over the world, have got in contact with DS Plus, and become official partners of the project. Business leaders everywhere understand that the DS Plus concept of offering crypto cash back to customers is a certain way to increase sales revenues.

The new partners join the likes of multi-national behemoths like McDonald’s, X5 Retail Group, and Reebok on the DS Plus roster. Soon, PlusCoin may very well become the worldwide cryptocurrency for all consumer needs. It is called the “people’s cryptocurrency” for a reason, after all.

For More information about DS Plus or PlusCoin, visit PlusCoin

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