4 Exciting Ordinals Collections to Look at in 2024

4 Exciting Ordinals Collections to Look at in 2024
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Discover a list of leading Bitcoin Ordinals collections worth checking out if you play on spending money on Ordinals

Since going live in 2009, Bitcoin has operated primarily as digital money until the advent of Bitcoin Ordinals. This revolutionary concept simplifies the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, transforming satoshis (the smallest units of bitcoin) into bearers of unique, tradable digital assets.

Bitcoin Ordinals, powered by the namesake protocol, have sparked significant interest, with some collections reaching exorbitant prices.

Here are the four collections that have been making waves in the Ordinals collectors community.

Ordinal Maxi Biz

Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) is a highly sought-after collection within the NFT space. Created by a team of three authors – ZK Shark, Tony Tafuro, and Nullish – this project pays homage to Bitcoin maximalists’ culture and camaraderie.

The collection features hand-drawn profile pictures (PFPs) with various traits, categorized by eye color: Blue eyes, Red eyes, and Green eyes. The most expensive item in this collection was sold for 4.1 BTC. This collection is celebrated for its artistic merit and deep connection to the Bitcoin community.

Quantum Cats

Quantum Cats, a project of the Taproot Wizards team, launched in 2024 as an homage to the early Bitcoin network code developed by Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, ‘OP_CAT.’ This collection of 3,333 cat images minted using the Ordinals protocol has garnered significant attention.

Employing a technique called Evolving Inscriptions, the Quantum Cats collection incurred $66,000 to create. Initially sold at 0.1 BTC each, these NFTs are now trading around 0.2-0.3 BTC on secondary markets. In 2024, the “Genesis Cat” was sold at Sotheby’s for 6.3 BTC.

Bitcoin Frogs

Bitcoin Frogs made headlines as the first 10,000-piece Ordinal project sold out through a free mint by the Lightning Network. This project aimed to make Bitcoin Ordinals accessible to everyone.

The collection features diverse, frog-themed NFTs known for their quirky and unique designs. The playful and whimsical art style of Bitcoin Frogs has made it a popular choice among collectors, with each frog showcasing different colors, sizes, and expressions. The most expensive “frog” was sold for 3.2 BTC.

Pizza Ninjas

Pizza Ninjas is revolutionizing NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain with dynamic, interactive JavaScript applications. Unlike traditional static image NFTs, Pizza Ninjas introduces versatile tools that evolve beyond static visual displays, incorporating holiday-themed traits for a continuously engaging experience.

This collection also integrates classic Super Nintendo games into PFPs, blending artistic expression with technological innovation and preserving retro gaming culture. The combination of these elements makes Pizza Ninjas a standout collection in the digital collectibles space. The top Ninja in this collection was bought for 1.2 BTC.

Final Word

Bitcoin Ordinals represent an evolution in digital art in the blockchain space, merging the realms of technology, Bitcoin dApps, and creativity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Each collection, from the historically inspired Ordinal Maxi Biz to the whimsical Bitcoin Frogs and the technologically innovative Pizza Ninjas, showcases the potential of the Ordinals protocol to create unique digital artworks and collectibles.

As this new form of digital art continues to evolve, it opens fresh avenues for investment and creativity in the blockchain space, making these collections a must-watch.

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