Which Slot Bonus Round is the Most Rewarding?


Bonus rounds in wizardslots.com can provide a nice break from the gameplay in the base game but the main thing that players are looking for with a slot bonus round is that it is rewarding.

What makes a Bonus Round Rewarding

A rewarding bonus round is something which many players lookout for. A bonus round which offers great win potential can be very enjoyable to play.

Bonus rounds can be rewarding in other ways too, a bonus round which is incredibly entertaining to play can give players a certain satisfaction which is very rewarding. Ultimately, a rewarding bonus round will offer players a great win potential as well as fun visuals and unique gameplay.

Bonus rounds which are tough to trigger can also be considered rewarding, as when the player finally triggers the bonus round they will feel that they have accomplished something. Although a bonus round which is hard to trigger can easily become the source of frustration amongst players if it is too difficult to trigger.

Slots with Rewarding Bonus Rounds

When players look for a bonus round, they want it to offer a rewarding experience. The following slot games offer the most rewarding bonus rounds for players.

  • Hot as Hades was developed by Microgaming and it features an RTP of 96%. What’s rewarding about this game’s bonus rounds is the fact that the Quest bonus offers four separate and immersive rounds for players, this is incredibly memorable thanks to the fun soundtrack and amazing visuals of the feature.
  • Mega Moolah was also developed by Microgaming and it features one of the most rewarding bonus rounds out there. Players will find that the progressive jackpot is incredibly lucrative, when it is claimed it always resets to a minimum of one million pounds!

How to Tell if a Slot is going to be Rewarding

Before playing a slot game, it can be tough to workout if it is going to be a rewarding experience for players. Luckily, there are several things that players can do which can help to inform them.

  • Look at reviews from fellow players

One of the main ways a player can tell if a slot is going to be a rewarding experience is by what other players are saying about the slot. Reviews from critics aren’t always the most accurate so it is always best to trust the word of your fellow player, they want the same things out of a slot that you do.

  • Check its RTP and volatility

From a more financial perspective, looking at the RTP and volatility of a slot is a great indication whether a slot is going to be rewarding or not. It is always wise to choose a slot based on these two factors as different levels of RTP and volatility suit different players.

In Summary

While there are different ways to define a rewarding slot bonus round, the main attributes are that the bonus is enjoyable and that it offers good win potential.

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