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Slots have always been of interest to the public and back in the 19th century the newly invented slots machines were seen as marvels of hand crafted engineering. The actual gaming experience was very revolutionary at the time, but basic by today’s standards.

A limited number of symbols were placed on a reel and if you matched all three symbols the machine would dispense a cash prize. Each actual spin was triggered by a pull of a lever too and this entire concept caught the public’s imagination, enough for an industry to be born.

Now we all know that technology never stands still and because of this, constant improvements like more reels and more symbols, were added to these machines, but the actual mechanical nature of remained in place for decades.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when the first electrical slot spelt the end of the road for mechanical slot machines. More tech advances pushed slots at to a more video slot orientated nature and this was improved upon in the 1980s.

The Move Online

When the digital revolution got underway in the 1990s it swept the globe and all industries including the gambling industry. In fact 1996 is when the online slot story actually begins and it is a story with no end in sight because slots online continue to thrive to this very day.

Playing Online Slots

Slots today are a far cry from their mechanical ancestors and there are hundreds to choose from. They employ modern technology to hook the ever-expanding online slots audience in. Games now utilize computer graphics, animation and even 3D technology to create the ultimate gaming experience. Slots can be played at home or on the go courtesy of desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones.

Game Choice

The game choice is vast and the games are usually categorized by their themes or other unique elements. Theme wise, book-based games are very popular and well-worth playing. Some titles include Book Of Dead, Book Of Ra, Book Of Halloween and Book Of Christmas. The bonus on most book games consists of 10 free spins and randomly chosen symbols that expand during these spins.

TV and Film

TV and film are incredibly powerful art forms in modern society and they often cross over into the slots world smoothly. Many are worth playing especially if the movies are quite old and you fancy some nostalgia. Gremlins, The Naked Gun, The Goonies and Highlander are just some of the games that have come from the movie world. Game Of Thrones and Breaking bad are examples of great TV shows that have been turned into worthy slots with great bonus rounds.

Other Games To Consider

Anything and everything is used as inspiration for slots that are worth playing these days and this includes historical figures such as Cleopatra, fairytale characters such as those that inhabit Wish Upon A Jackpot slot and the myriad of animal-based slots like Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild and Mega Moolah.

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