How to integrate blockchain into your business



In most transactions between people and businesses or between one business and another, goods or services are exchanged for money, or the promise of money. It’s been that way since currency was invented.

But the internet has changed all that. Currency still exists, but in the new plane of blockchain technology, currency now exists at a crypto level in services such as Bitcoin.

How does this look? Well—different. For starters, say you want to transfer money to a person. Using blockchain technology, you’ll create a transaction that’s represented as a block. Everyone affected by the transaction can see this block, and they’re also responsible for confirming the validity of the block. That confirmation serves as record, and then the payment transfers.

Blockchain technology is fast and more direct, and is a real-time execution of financial transactions. What else does it mean for the future of doing business? This graphic can help you understand it better.



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Cómo integrar Blockchain en tu negocio


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