Common deposit bingo bonuses online


To play bingo online, the player is required to make a deposit. This is standard practice for all online casino games, and with 2021 bingo bonuses.

But there is something else that comes as standard among casino games and bingo online is no different. This is the deposit bonus.

What is a deposit Bonus?

When you sign up to an online casino for the first time, you may encounter a deposit bonus. This is a gift given to the player as a reward for playing at this online casino.

When logging on to a bingo site for the first time, these deposit bonuses are common place. So, what can you expect as a deposit bonus when playing bingo?

Free deposit amount

A free deposit amount rewards players with extra credit when the player signs up. The idea is to give the player more credit to play bingo games so that the player enjoys the full experience or has more time to find a version that they like.

This means that they are far more likely to keep returning and making deposits to play at the bingo site. A common example of a free deposit bonus is deposit £10 and receive a further £30 to play with.

This is not the only deposit bonus that seeks to stretch the player’s experience.

Matched deposit bonus

Another common deposit bonus when players sign up to play online bingo is a matched deposit bonus. This bonus is activated when a player makes their initial deposit. Whatever the player deposits, the bingo site will match it in free credit.

The reasons for this is the same as the free deposit bonus. It keeps the player hooked. However, the amount the player receives is dependent on how much they deposit. This means they are rewarded more for depositing more, prompting people to make large initial deposits.

Percentage bonus

This deposit bonus is a little less straight forward, especially when it comes to online bingo.

A percentage bonus rewards the players with a higher percentage of winnings when making an initial deposit. For example, deposit £10 and get 300% bonus means that any wins the player achieves will be 300% higher if they win using this deposit.

This sounds like a lot however, it is dependent on the player winning in the first place and the money won in online bingo is never life changing. The standard deposit is usually around 0.20p.

That is why you are likely to see this type of deposit bonus attached to a game of online bingo.


The types of deposit bonuses associated with bingo sites are very similar to other games. However, the main focus of these bonuses is to get the player playing longer, rather than promising untold riches. Bingo is just not that type of game.

In conclusion, there are great deposit bonuses out there for online bingo, just don’t expect too much from them.

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