What Is a NFT In Gaming and What Games Offer the Best Experience?


NFTs are a new revolution that turns our understanding of games upside down. While non-fungible tokens are not restricted just to the area of games, the game industry benefits from having NFTs. They can, in fact, be anything from artwork to real estate and have a whole range of real-life applications.

Focusing on NFT games, these are the games that contain non-fungible tokens and allow users not only to buy and hold them but also interact with other players with the help of these NFTs, upgrade them, make purchases, indulge in trading, and generate income.

Such games incorporate unique tokens that users have the right to create, change, swap, resell, and use to make achievements in the gameplay. Bright examples of NFTs within crypto games include:

  • Character NFTs (Axies in the Axie Infinity or Pega horses in Pegaxy)
  • Land / virtual estate (plots of land in Decentraland and The Sandbox)
  • Weapons
  • Character skins
  • Other game tools

However, there are upcoming games that managed to incorporate NFTs very smoothly (even for mobile use on Android and iOS) and deserve the top rating places. So let’s have a look.

Best NFT Games to Try Out in 2022

Now, Play-to-Earn games are great because they allow players to raise a significant income by using non-fungible tokens, but since they are all different, the best NFT games will not look the same for everyone.

Here is the list of popular NFT games with a high revenue-generating potential that might become top NFT games this year for you as well.

Axie Infinity.

With nearly 3 million active players and the Axie NFT growing in price, this NFT-powered game is much loved. Axies are digital pets structured as NFTs and can be pitted against each other to earn AXS tokens. Buying one is now possible for §200 and up. The most expensive Axie ever sold cost §820 K.

The goal is to grow 3 Axies to start a whole generation and pass down the best characteristics and strengths to descendants. Some players even aim to create a rare set of Axies with exclusive traits that are hard to find.

The Sandbox.

This is more a world where you can create than a traditional video game. Users are free to make their voxel assets and earn SAND currency. They complete various game tasks, purchase land, and develop it by either hosting different events, populating it, or offering other experiences.


This game is rated as one of the best NFT games for those who enjoy professional graphics blended with earning features. The goal is to gather Illuvial creatures as you travel around the world. Then, feel free to improve, train, and trade them in the marketplace.

Even at the beta version stage, this game allows for good earnings in ILV tokens and withdrawal of them.


Focused on land, this one belongs to the best NFT games where land is represented as NFTs and can be traded and sold for MANA. Other NFTs to personalize your playing experience are added to the metaverse as it expands, and the latest updates are introduced.

Buying the coins for these games with NFTs right now became possible even with a bank card or account.

All in all, the NFT games list will help you see where to earn the best and what top NFT collections to look at when planning to enter one of these games. To check out what other best NFT games to consider this year, see TopNFTCollections.com.

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