Trading Forex with MT4


We’ve already known that forex is the marketplace where traders and investors from all over the world exchange currency daily. The forex markets such as Robomarkets, are a part of a large industry in and of themselves, trade trillions of dollars every day, with states, banks, and funds among the major proponents to the Forex market price setting.

The best hours to trade forex

You should trade the Forex market at its most active time – when the bid and ask price spreads (the difference between the bid price and the request price) is normally reduced. Fewer dollars are spent on market operators to promote currency trades, enabling individual participants to make more money. You can know the possible forex market hours from the forex market hours chart for worldwide forex trading for beginners.

Also, take note of the stock exchange holidays so that you’ll know the days you have to rest and recuperate for subsequent trades.

Trading currency pairs with MT4

The easiest way to access trades in MT4 is to use the ‘Order’ window and put an immediate order. Click on ‘Window’ on the top of the MetaTrader 4 platform to choose your best currency pair, then select ‘New Window.’ To open the ‘Order’ window faster, press F9.

You should clearly see how simple it is to start selling or buying with MetaTrader 4. For market offer/subscription trading, you must enter your preferred trading dimension (in lots) in the ‘Volume’ box and press “Buy or Sell” with the ‘Market execution’ as the chosen order form.

The ‘Market Execution’ setting allows for an instant command inside MetaTrader 4. Obviously, trading in the MT4 market wasn’t the only response to MetaTrader 4’s issue of placing a trade.

You can «sell or buy» by choosing a limit or stop the order from the «Type» tab. This will help you trade on MT4 at your pace

How to set up a stop-loss on MT4

You can place a stop-loss and profit level (estimate your profit using stock profit calculator or Forex profit calculator in each relevant position when putting a trade in the order window. You can obtain the actual market FX price of the desired commodity by clicking one of the Stop Loss tab arrows. Bear in mind that the MT4 platform calculates the price based on the bid. You can see the relationship between your target stop-loss amount and the current bid prices by using the chart on the left side.

How to exit a MetaTrader 4 trade

You can easily navigate from the “Terminal” (Ctrl+T) window to the “Trade” tab.

Under the trade tab, all your placed trades should appear. Select your choice trade to close it, right-click on it and ‘Close Order’ and press the yellow ‘Close’ to complete the operation.

Risks associated with Forex trading

  • Currency trading is a dangerous and difficult endeavor.
  • The interbank market is regulated to varying degrees, and forex methods are not unified.
  • MT4 forex market is almost entirely unregulated in some places around the world.
  • The inter-bank market brings together banks from all over the world to trade with one another.
  • Banks must assess and embrace sovereign and credit risk on their own, and they have put in place internal procedures to keep them as secure as possible.
  • The banking industry enforces this type of regulation to protect each contributing bank.
  • Rogue traders find it difficult to manipulate the currency price since there are so many trade flows inside the system.
  • For shareholders with ties to interbank trading, this framework contributes to market transparency.
  • The majority of small retail forex traders work with unregulated forex brokers/dealers who can (and do) re-quote rates and do trade customers.

Final Thoughts

Finally, while this MT4 trading review deals with some of the fundamentals of MetaTrader 4 trading, the process of learning about the platform is by spending as much time as possible with it. As a beginner, you can start learning MT4 trading by using a demo account. You don’t have to worry about losing your money here because you are trading with unreal money.

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