The craziest bets in casinos


To be a gambler you have to be able to routinely take risks, otherwise you certainly won’t be able to make any particularly bountiful wins, that’s for sure. Just think about it: do you really think James Bond would have succeeded in beating Le Chifre in the smash hit motion picture Casino Royale if he hadn’t been able to take risks?

In fact, gambling at is pretty much exclusively about taking risk, something that has been proven time and time again by incredibly confident gamblers making often life-changing bets. Sometimes this really gets a bit much, as you are going to see in the rest of this article. Want to know some of the craziest bets in casinos that have ever happened, well then you better read ahead…

Andrei Karpov’s Wife Bet

Over the years it isn’t just money that gamblers have ended up putting on the line in games like poker, with an extensive array of things being wagered over the years. Everybody has heard stories about cars or even houses put on the line, however how often do you hear about someone betting with his own wife? Not too often, we bet.

Regardless, a Russian man called Andrei Karpov once put his own wife Tatiana up for a bet in a poker match against another man called Sergey Brodov, and what do you know? He lost. The funny thing is that Tatiana actually ended up being happily married to Sergey Brodov to. At least one thing worked out!

Ashley Revell

There have been countless instances of somebody putting a huge amount of money on the line whilst gambling, however how often do you hear of somebody putting their entire lifesavings up for grabs? It takes serious cojones to do this, just ask the British man called Ashley Revell who did it almost a decade ago.

Revell sold off all of his worldly possessions and ended up with around £75,000 on which he put on one spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas’ Plaza casino. Luckily enough for him he ended up doubling his money and returning to England a very happy chap indeed.

Archie Karas

It is fairly uncommon to find a gambler with the guts to make such huge bets as the aforementioned Archie Karas, and it is even rarer to find a gambler who continuously gambles with such high stakes and walks away with enough money to tell the tale. The story of Archie Karas is pretty legendary in this respect, as he moved to the US from his native Greece without much money at all, and instead of working to gain a fortune, he decided to use his tactical nous at gambling.

During the 90s he is widely reported to have started with just $50, a figure that he then managed to get to an outrageous sum of almost $50 million. It is mental, and over the course of these few years he pretty much ended several casinos.

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