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Interview Luiis Franceschi CEO Lapo Blockchain

Luiis Franceschi CEO Lapo Blockchain is a digital entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience working with renowned digital experts and leading brands worldwide. He has experience in Blockchain, UX/IXD design, front-end development, project management, and digital product development, focusing on creating and building astonishing products and coherent User Experiences.

What is Lapo Blockchain about?

LAPO Blockchain is a payment and money transfer platform that offers cheaper, faster and safer transaction than the traditional banking.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient alternative to manage digital money and that is why we are now focused on the development of our own cryptocurrency (LAPOX), backed by gold and supported by a unique stabilization mechanism, with the potential of becoming the universal currency of the 21st century.

Our home is at the heart of the Crypto Valley, a crypto powerhouse and a complete ecosystem that supports the development of Blockchain-based solutions.

What are the LAPO protocols?

Right now we are in the process of integrating our technology with an even bigger and more powerful platform such as the Stellar platform.

We are both working for a common goal that is global financial inclusion. An ambitious goal that we cannot achieve alone, so we have decided to integrate and base our currency and our services on this protocol.

Since Stellar has become one of the most important platforms in terms of financial solutions, we have seen in them the best ally for LAPO.

Luiis Franceschi CEO Lapo Blockchain

What products do you offer for the daily use of cryptocurrencies?

We are developing a multi-currency digital wallet, that is, an application to store, exchange, send and receive different digital currencies and also pay with them in physical stores.

This digital wallet has its business version, and merchants who want to accept payments in cryptocurrencies securely in their shops can register on our website to be one of the first users of this application.

Another of our products is a debit card (Payeah!) with which you can use your cryptocurrencies to pay at any shop, as it integrates a technology that automatically exchanges cryptocurrencies to FIAT money. This product can also be requested on our website.

Starting in August, our LAX token will be available for purchase on the Stellar Exchange. To access the financial products we are developing, it will be necessary to have an amount of our LAX token, which is the key that opens the LAPO world.

Our entire platform will be backed by our stable cryptocurrency (LAPOX), whose whitepaper will be available in the coming weeks on our website.

We note that you have a very complete roadmap and with all the stages completed, what are the next steps?

We are about to launch our LAX token in the Exchange so that people can buy and enter the LAPO Platform. In August we will be in the Stellar platform Exchanges and very soon in other Exchanges.

At the end of this year, we will be launching our multi-currency wallet in both versions, for people and businesses. In 2020 we will start distributing the first debit cards and our cryptocurrency (LAPOX) will be available.

Our plan is ambitious and the intention is to expand globally, giving priority to the countries that most need our solution.

Do you think that Blockchain technology is the solution to the current economic situation?

Thanks to Blockchain technology, anyone with an internet connection can access decentralized financial services and this increases the level of financial inclusion. In a Blockchain-based financial system, a top trader in Switzerland has the same level of access as a farmer in Argentina.

It is a powerful tool that has the potential to help reduce financial exclusion and positively impact the economy of developing countries.

Thanks to Blockchain technology it is possible to eliminate intermediaries in transactions with digital money, which makes transactions cheaper, faster and safer. This allows, for example, a Latin American immigrant in Europe to send money to his family at a very low cost.

In the Blockchain, transactions are immutable and Blockchains can not be shut off by any central institution, so this solves many problems for citizens living in countries with poor governance and authoritarianism, such as Venezuela.

The possibilities are endless. New and better applications are still under development and it will have a huge impact on the medium term. We will surely see in the future other Blockchain-based solutions that we are not even able to imagine now.

What is the first message you would leave for someone who wants to use your platform?

At LAPO we stand out for the simplicity of our approach, putting the user experience first and making our tools easy-to-use even for those who are not tech-savvy

Our platform is made in Switzerland, which gives the user the support of a quality label, plus the Swiss experience with its tradition of financial services, plus the support of one of the most powerful Blockchain ecosystems worldwide.

LAPO is a flexible alternative between traditional banking and the world of cryptocurrencies.

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