How To Win Playing Slots


Slot machines originate back to the late 19th century and are still to this day the most popular casino game whether traditional land based on online. Over the years the objective has stayed the same but the way to reach it has changed dramatically – click to visit

Initially the slot machine based itself on card games with no payout from the actual machine and any winnings had to be collected at the bar usually in the form of cigarettes, sweets or drinks.

A slot machine was eventually invented that allowed automatic payouts but was then subsequently banned and the symbols changed from cards to fruits and therefore the payout was chewing gum and sweets relating to the fruit symbols shown on the winning reel. However, now slot machines happily churn out winnings with huge payouts, one recorded was around $40m.

But how to actually achieve this…

There are two types of slot machines, the non-progressive fixed slot machine and a progressive slot machine.

The non-progressive fixed slot machines are the slots that are ‘guaranteed’ to pay out but the winnings just won’t be as much as a progressive slot but then the risks are lower too.

Generally slot machines are not a strategic game and therefore a lot of the winning is down to luck. There are many possibilities on a slot machine as the simple three-reel slot with ten symbols can result in 1,000 possible combinations. The Megabucks three reel slot, which was responsible for the $40m payout, has over fifty million combinations.

If you are playing a traditional land based slot machine then take a look at the casino. Generally the casino won’t place a slot machine with high payout likelihood near the door for example or at the end of aisles near exits. The casino’s don’t want players walking in, hitting the jackpot and walking out again, they want the winning streak and euphoria to be captured within the casino to pull more people in and let the player continue on a roll. Also try and aim for casinos, which don’t have a cap on the payout if you win via a bonus related wager.

A non-progressive fixed slot may work better for the beginner player as the risks are usually low but the payouts are usually guaranteed although you won’t hit a huge amount. The payout is, as you would expect, fixed and therefore limited. However, progressive slots are different and these will be the machines that pay out the big jackpots but they are a higher risk, as the games will require maximum wagers before paying out. The slot pools a percentage of the wagers over a period of time from all the players and then when it eventually pays out the slot resets and the pool then needs building up again with more players’ money. The best time to play a progressive machine is when it hasn’t paid out for a long time. You then have more chance of it paying out a good jackpot.

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